In an exclusive interview, John Olav Tande – respected scientist at SINTEF , SETWind Lighhouse Initiative ambassador and Coordinator of EERA JP Wind Sub-programme on Offshore Balance of Plant (SP6) – explores what’s in the pipeline for the offshore wind sector.

Among the issues to address, John Olav discussed the potential in floating wind power and system integration of offshore wind, which are also the two topics identified by stakeholders as the focus of the SETWind Lighthouse Initiatives.

On the prospect for floating wind power, John Olav says that:
“floating will be vital for the further development of the offshore wind sector. Indeed, bottom-fixed will likely dominate for the next few years, but through development of the floating wind technology and supply chain, floating wind will become increasingly attractive.
Exactly how fast this development will happen, is not only a question of industry initiative or research, but also that policies are put in place with clear targets and economic incentives to accelerate the progress. For 2030, it is realistic to see a number of GW scale floating wind farms, and for 2050, I expect about one third of the global offshore wind capacity to be floating, possibly more.”

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