The SETWind project is EU funded with the aim to support the implementation of the SET-Plan Offshore Wind Implementation Plan.

This project will:

  • update and work with the Implementation Plan to maintain it as a dynamic reference point for offshore wind energy research and innovation
  • monitor and report on progress towards the Implementation Plan targets of 1090 million € to be invested in R&I in the offshore sector until 2030
  • strengthen policy coordination in European offshore wind energy R&I policy by supporting the work of the SET-Plan Implementation Working Group for Offshore Wind that consists of country representatives
  • facilitate a breakthrough in the coordination across borders of nationally funded R&I projects

For the development of across boarder projects the SETWind project makes available funding for travel costs. This enhances mobility across partners and should lead to the definition of mutually interesting projects that are funded from national funding from two or more countries. In order to start the mobility grant, but also to positively inform the country representatives in the SET Implementation team, we have made available a form/template.

Here you can find the template for presenting proposals for cross-border projects.

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